Better meetings than ever- in YOUR language!

Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread”, Alexander Pope, 1711

The pandemic has had a disruptive effect. Business-minded people, naturally, see opportunities. If we can Build Back Better, as the EU Recovery Fund, WHO, and UN SDGs have it, then we will have to be creative in not repeating the errors of the past, especially when it comes to combating climate change.

Some sectors suffering now recognise that they will undergo a profound overhaul before jettisoning their harmful legacy, and returning to the fray: cost-cutting (and corner-cutting) airlines, the car industry, high-density office blocks, and others, are doing some potentially painful sums.

What about the international conference sector? Is it enough to Zoom, Skype, Webex and Interactio each other, send a few emails, wave at a temporarily frozen image of your interlocutor, and hope for the best?

If all you got out of conferences before was a few business cards, and a folder, PDF or PowerPoint to take home and pore over, then maybe you will be happy to continue taking a back seat without the hassle of travel, continue interacting in a foreign language without feeling involved in a true meeting of minds, and keep your comfortable clothes and footwear on under the table.

But if you value communication, you will be itching to get back in the room, with all the back-up you need, including professional interpreters. And if that’s not possible in the medium-term, we will ALL have to do better than the passive consumption of a slide-show. We interpreters will have to be there, or at least “be there” somehow, to help you achieve your aims!

Work with us to get the best professional solution. Don’t fall for the hype that a technology or platform alone can magically transport you to the thick of the action, while respecting multilingualism! It can’t. But we can listen to your needs, and be creative and flexible in giving you human expertise to help you through this confusing period. Maybe meetings really will end up being better than ever before!